PeopleNet Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the PeopleNet Login:

How to Log into PeopleNet:

1. The proper URL is linked here: Feel free to bookmark this or save it to your desktop for quick access. It would be most helpful to have quick access to this site if you are going to visit it often, or your workers will use it daily.
2. Ignore the jumble of words and dialogue boxes on the left side of the page. This can be distracting, but the actual login area is on the right.
3. To start logging in, type your User ID into the section marked for this.
4. Next, type your password into the password section just below the User ID section.
5. Find the small black button near the bottom of the login box, and click it. It should be labeled as: "sign in." Once you click on this, you will be done with the login process. If you get an error message, you likely are having trouble with your password. If you want to change your password, or have forgotten what it is, you can refer to the set of instructions contained below.


How to get your Password Reset:

1. You can start out this process by simply staying on the login page, or visiting it as it is linked in step one of the instructions above.
2. Once here, you can click on the "forgot your password?" link that is set just under the password box.
3. The page you will be taken to through this link looks a lot like a regular two-step login page. It isn't though. What you need to do on this page is type in first your User ID into the top box.
4. Type your last name into the next box. Be sure this is the same name that you entered in when you signed up for the site. If your last name has changed since then, it will only accept the last name you used during the creation of your account, unless you updated. it.
5. Find the green "submit" button near the bottom of the page. Don't click the cancel button, because your information will be erased. Click on the green button to submit your information.
6. To complete the password reset operation, you will need to follow all the instructions that the page will show you after this point. In a matter of minutes, you should be logged into your PeopleNet account.

Contact Information:

1. Write to:
4400 Baker Road
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343
2. Phone number: 888-346-3486
3. Fax PeopleNet at: (952) 908-6129